Alberto Stefanelli


FWO PhD Fellow, KU Leuven

My research focuses on radicalism, populism, voting behaviour and democratic representation. In particular, I explore the motivations behind individuals embracing radical ideologies and analyzes their profound impact on political judgments and attitudes toward democracy. I am also interested in conjoint experiments, matching, interviewer effects, NPL, and machine learning.

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Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research
Parkstraat 45 - box 3601, Room 02.135
KU Leuven

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I received the 2021 Berg-Schlosser Award for outstanding pedagogy at the ECPR Methods School for my role of Teaching Assistant for a variety of advanced statistical courses. This work included creating lab sections for the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) & Multilevel SEM and Advanced Multilevel Regression Modelling.

You are welcome to use my teaching material, but please make sure to attribute it to me.

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