Dove soffia il vento del Nord


The Italian regional elections of 2015 have made clear the changes that are occurring in the Italian political and party system. Our research aims to explain how the leader-oriented voting has changed over time and space and how the presidenzialization-personalization of regional politics influences the voting behaviour and the electoral output. First, we describe the cross-regional differentiation in regional electoral systems and we will briefly describe the political background of the Veneto region. Second, we will describe our hypotheses focusing on the region of Veneto. Specifically, we believe that right-wing politicians are more likely to personalise their campaign and thus to have a higher personalization index. We test this our hypothesis using analysing the 2015 electoral data and the political offer and of the structure of the electoral race.

in Cambiamento o Assestamento? Le Elezioni Amministrative Del 2016, Istituto Carlo Cattaneo, 2016, pp. 9–22